Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Matt Clark joined Comstar Supply eight years ago immediately after graduating from La Salle University. He initially supported the company’s web sales, then moved to an Inside Sale rep, and today, he leads the 9-person inside sales team. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting or talking with Matt, a third-degree black belt in karate, we recently sat down to learn more about him.

Q: How did you get into the broadband industry or outside plant distribution? 

MATT: I discovered the broadband industry through networking with a customer of mine at my previous job. Honestly, at the time I was 22 and I had no idea how large the telecom industry truly was, especially the distribution side of the industry.

Q: How and when did you join Comstar? 

MATT: I think I have a unique story here with this one. Before working at Comstar, I was a full-time college student/Karate Instructor.

Karate has always been a big part of my family’s life. At one time, both my parents, my three sisters, and I, were all training. My father opened a karate studio in 2005 (my freshman year of high school), and I worked for him all the way up until my senior year of college. After eight years of hard work, we built up a successful, small family business with nearly 300 students, but I wanted to branch out and put my college degree to use and pave my own way. 

In 2013, during my last year of college, I was looking for an internship/job in either business or finance.  After talking to a few different parents of the students I taught, one parent in particular, Chad Punchard (the president of Comstar!), told me I should come intern for him at Comstar Supply. I had no idea what Comstar did, but if you know Chad – he’s a convincing guy!

There I was a month or so later interning 40 hours a week entering web orders. A few months later my internship ended, and I joined the Comstar family full time! So yeah, I was once teaching Chad’s kids karate and here I am nearly eight years later still working for him!


Q: In your opinion, what’s the best thing about working at Comstar?

MATT: Hands down the people I work with! I enjoy coming to work each day because of the team we have here. The family-like culture is something that means a lot to me.


Q: What would you say about your customers?

MATT: That I appreciate them! I’ve been lucky enough to see many of our customer’s business grow and without them Comstar wouldn’t be who we are today.


Q: What would your customers say about you?

MATT: Hmm that’s a tough one! I would like to think they enjoy working with me and enjoy my sense of humor! Most importantly, I would hope they would say that they value our partnership and that I am more than just another vendor to them. I’m here to offer them solutions and premium customer service.


Q: You're a big sports fan, do you have story or a memory of your favorite Philly sports moment? 

Matt and his wife Krissy in
London for an Eagles game
MATT: My favorite sports memory would be when the Eagles won Super Bowl 52, and then the celebration parade in Philly hearing Jason Kelce give that speech was the most fired up I’ve ever been!  Although another fun sports memory would be when my wife and I took a vacation to London the year after that to watch the Eagles play in Wembley Stadium – great experience and great trip!


Q: In addition to being a fan, you also play a bunch of sports. Golf, karate, etc., can you tell me a story about any of these or memory?

MATT: My most memorable sports moment would be when I passed my 3rd degree black belt test. It was the most physically demanding thing I’ve ever done.

In order to pass the test, you have to complete a 3-hour workout boot camp followed by a 1-hour timed challenge. Within this last hour, you’re already pretty exhausted, but you have to complete a 3-mile run, 300 sit-ups and 100 pushups without pausing (or else you fail), then perform all the self-defense techniques on the other instructors as they attack, and perform multiple advanced katas. Once you complete all of that there is one last challenge – a 3-minute sparring match where you can’t tap out or stop for any reason. Every 30 seconds a fresh new blackbelt instructor comes at you with everything they have, one after another, then the last 2 minutes you must fight 2 vs 1.

I was doing very well with it all, but with 1.5 mins left in the 2v1, I took an elbow to the nose and couldn’t see anything! I had to fight through with a broken nose while defending off 2 other blackbelts still coming at me. The only fun part of all that was I got to land a couple good head kicks on my dad since he was one of the head instructors in the sparring drill. After completing that your confidence is sky high and honestly one of the most accomplished feelings in the world; it took me 16 years of training starting at the age of 5 to get that 3rd red stripe on my black belt. Good memories! 


Q: I also know you are a relatively new husband and a new dad. Anything you want to say about them? 


Matt, Krissy, and Matty
I’d get in trouble if I didn’t! My lovely wife, Krissy, and I married in April of 2017; Yes, we met at a bar eight years ago and have been best friends ever since! 

We recently just welcomed our first child, Matthew James, into our big Irish and Italian families earlier this January. We call him “Matty” and because of Covid we still have so many family members that cannot wait to meet him in person, however not a day goes by where we do not have a family member facetime us to see him. I keep telling him some people look better with their masks on so it’s not entirely a bad thing! We’re beyond excited to be a family of 3 and we can’t wait to spend many vacations together up the Pocono Mountains and down the New Jersey shore!

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