Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hot Products Cable Reel Trailers

Comstar Supply Inc. is proud to be a distributor of Roose Reel Trailers.  Roose Manufacturing, located in Pella, Iowa, is a in its 36th year of business.  Roose manufactures quality utility trailers designed to handle cable and innerduct reels.

All of Roose reel trailers come standard with a one year warranty.   Trailers are typically painted either yellow or white although other colors are available for an additional cost.   Trailers come equipped with your choice of hitch and electrical connectors.

Roose manufactures a variety of trailers to meet your needs. Their smallest trailer, the RR-33, is a single reel carrier with a 2000lb capacity.  This trailer is non hydraulic and requires you to use a forklift or other means to load the reel but the price makes it affordable for contractors.   The RR-33 can accommodate reels up to 96 inches in diameter.

The two most popular trailers that we sell are the RR-135 and the RR-160 single reel carriers.  These models both offer hydraulic controls for easy reel loading.  The RR-135 has a 3500lb capacity and can accommodate up to a 125 inch reel.   The RR-160 can also accommodate up to a 125 inch reel but has the added ability of handling up to 6000lb capacity.  Most contractors working with HDPE and fiber optic cable find that these two model s meet their needs.  We generally stock several of each of these trailers at our Collegeville, Pennsylvania facility and easily drop ship the trailers to non-local customers directly from Roose Manufacturing.

If you are looking for a more rugged model trailer, Roose also offers their RR-185, RR-200 and RR-114 models.  The RR-185 has a payload capacity of 8500lbs and the RR-200 can handle 10000lb capacity.  The RR-114 can accommodate up to 14000lbs.  All three of these trailers are equipped to handle up to 125 inch reel.

Roose also manufactures a line of multiple reel trailers including their RR-250 Self Loading Hydraulic Cable Trailer that can handle two reels up to 125 inches in diameter with a payload weight of 5000 lbs per reel.  Other options include both the  SL-35  and UL 335 trailers which can accommodate up to 3 reels at a time and the RR-330 Roate-a-Reel trailer.  The RR-330 is specially designed to rotate the reels into various positions which can be locked with a spring loaded latch.  If you’re interested in any of the multiple reel trailers, please contact us directly for pricing, availability and shipping. 

Accessories are available for all trailer models including a hydraulic power reel drive.  Replacement parts are also available for all models, insuring years of usage!

Anyone interested in purchasing a trailer should contact us directly!  We are happy to answer any of your questions and look forward to equipping you with a quality Roose reel trailer!