Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Comstar Supply trained in Triple D Products!

Last week the Comstar crew packed our bags and headed to New Jersey for a road a trip that involved a two day intensive training session on everything Triple D Enterprises has to offer!

Triple D Enterprises, Inc. is a manufacturer of HDD, Vibratory Plowing and Trenching products.  Comstar Supply has had a great relationship with Triple D for years so our entire staff was eager to get some formal training and become industry experts!

The training session consisted of two parts – a classroom session and field session.   In the classroom, we went in-depth over all the aspects of directional drilling as well as plowing and trenching.   The day started with a video demonstration on directional drilling.  The Comstar Supply team the learned about the different types of bits offered by Triple D and how to choose the right bit for the right machine as well as for the appropriate soil conditions.   The training then covered backreamers , crossovers, starter rods and drive chucks for directional drilling.

During the vibratory plowing and trenching portion of the training, we had the opportunity to learn about key selling points for the different types of plow blades.  The Comstar staff also reviewed the importance of using a Lost Motion Assembly in the plowing process.  Throughout the second half of training we reviewed compaction bits as well compaction reamers and how the compaction boring process differs from the directional drilling process.

After touring Triple D’s manufacturing facility, we were opportunity to see these products in action!  This was especially exciting for the Comstar Supply staff that spends most days in the office helping customers!  The Triple D staff arranged for a demonstration of both the vibratory plowing/compaction boring process as well as directional drilling.

So consider Comstar Supply, partnered with Triple D, to be your one stop shop for all of your plowing, trenching, and drilling needs!  We have everything from plow blades to back reamers to rock bits to get your job done!