Monday, May 6, 2013

The New Condux Gulfstream rides a breeze to Comstar

If there is anything I know from being a DIY homeowner, the most important part of any new job is having the right tools. Not only do you need the proper tools, but the highest quality tools almost always make you feel like a professional. My fear of installing pex water lines significantly diminished when I obtained a quality crimping tool, cutters and other items not used with traditional copper tubing.

Condux Gulfstream 200 Handheld Micro Fiber Blower
The same can be said for the fundamental shift happening with FTTX projects using micro cables and duct. The sizes, tensile properties and lengths of micro cable require an entirely separate set of tools. Many of us in OSP are new to the products and tools required to complete jobs that go micro. The micro cable installation tools can be broad in selection, expensive and somewhat confusing—until now.

Condux stopped by last week to demonstrate the new Gulfstream (GS) 200 Micro Fiber Optic Cable Blower. The GS 200 comes with everything you need to blow micro cable from 0.8mm to 4mm in diameter into micro ducts that are from 3mm to 12.7mm. Since most if not all Fiber Optic Cable Blowers are sold a la carte, you might be surprised how complete this kit is.

One part number, the 08783000, includes the following:

  • GS 200 Micro Fiber Blower Body
  • Speed and Torque Controls
  • Screen that monitors distance, speed and overall distance for the life of the unit.
  • Foam Lined Carry Case with Plenty of Storage
  • Dewalt 14 Volt Lithium-ion Battery pack and charger
  • Power adapter with belt clip
  • All cable and duct seals
  • Bottle of Polywater Prelube 5000, Micro Cable Blowing Lubricant

Out of the box, all you need to supply is an air compressor. Even a small “pancake” compressor will provide the 150-200 psi maximum required pressure to operate the GS 200. The ideal pressure range for most applications is approximately 80 psi. Combined with the guide track system, the recommended air pressure can achieve up to 165 feet per minute (50m/min) maximum speed with the GS 200.

The reduced amount of required parts to operate, durable design and ease of operation puts the GS 200 at the forefront of micro fiber blowing technology. Very little training, if any, is required to operate this unit.

So if you’re bidding work for enterprise customers, and you are new to micro cable installation, remember that micro fiber is gaining traction and preference. You can count on the GS 200 to be the high quality and efficient tool. You can also count on Comstar Supply to provide everything you need to complete those micro jobs from tools, cable, duct and fittings.