Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poleline Hardware Guide

Here's another handy tool you can use as a reference when you are purchasing pole line hardware.  This graphical depiction of a telephone pole is courtesy  of

The telephone pole diagram notes the proper applications and uses for various pole line hardware which we stock and sell.   You can note the proper placement of everything from cable extension arms to machine bolts and anchors and guy guards!

If you have a question or need any poleline hardware, give us a call and someone from the sales team will happily help you out.  We stock most of the items that you will need for your aerial applications and in most cases we can ship same day or next day, depending upon when the order is received!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Proper Knots for Pull Tape

While doing some research for our upcomming video on how to tie a knot in pull tape, I came across this graphical demonstration from A-D Technologies showing the proper way to splice two lengths of pull tape together as well as the proper method for tying off pull tape to a swivel.

It's important to use proper knots with your pull tape so you maintain the pulling strength of your tape.  Use this graphic as a reference and stay tuned for a video demonstration of how to use both of these techniques in the field!