Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Wishes

The long weekend coming up means an excited buzz in the office.  Everyone is anticipating a delicious dinner tomorrow with all of the fixings including good times with family and friends.   But before we go off on our holiday, I thought it would be nice to thank the people who make our job here at Comstar possible each and every day.

I am thankful for the opportunity to work with a group of manufacturers who are there to support our endeavors and our customer needs.  Dealing with company reps, account managers and customer service personnel on a daily basis, I rely on them to give me the information I need to help my customers.  They do this time and time again and while I make a point to regularly say thank you, I can only hope that they know how much I appreciate them and everything they do for us.

I am also thankful for my co-workers.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we are truly like a family.  I have never worked any place where the employees had such great relationships as we do here at Comstar.   I am thankful that my co-workers make me laugh when things are stressful; I am thankful that they help me when things are busy.  I am thankful that the warehouse staff works extremely hard to move product out the door and almost always come through when I am in a bind. 

And of course, I am extremely thankful for the wonderful group of customers that we get to deal with everyday.  The relationships that we build with our customers are one of the most important aspects of our business.   Comstar is truly grateful for every order – big or small – and I hope that we can continue to build our relationships and gain your confidence and business.

So to our manufacturers, co-workers, and customers, I wish to say thank you.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday and I look forward to helping you in the coming months and year!

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