Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day Stock Up!

If you live or work in the northeast part of the United States, there’s a good chance you are snowed in today and can’t make it out to jobsite.  Instead of calling today a wash, consider sitting down with a hot cup of coffee and spend some time on stocking up on some outside plant essentials.

Our warehouse has a constant stock of the commodity items that you use everyday.  Consider duct plugs – We have an extensive inventory of everything ranging from temporary poly pull plugs to the more permanent expanding blank plug style duct plugs.  We also keep stock on triplex plugs as well as simplex plugs for your fiber optic applications. 

Looking for couplers?  Pick your favorite!  For PVC applications, we stock the standard style slip couplings in a range of sizes.  For HDPE applications, consider using either moonlink couplers or reverse threaded aluminum couplers.  If you’re looking for a compression style coupling, we maintain a solid inventory of both E Loc and Double E Loc couplers as well as Comfit couplers.  Joining pipe together has never been so easy!

Need to proof your duct? Don’t forget about the wide range of mandrels that are available through   We provide aluminum test mandrels, wooden mandrels, flexible steel mandrels, and wire brush mandrels.

Don’t forget about your birdies and missles!  Our warehouse stocks foam carriers (a.k.a. mice) and  inflatable line carriers (a.k.a. balloons) as well as the plastic missile style line carriers and the rubber cone style missiles.   We keep all sizes in stock and in most cases, we’re able to ship same day to your location!

So if you’re stuck inside because of the snow, stay warm and do some shopping!  Your order from will be handled promptly and professionally by our staff and you can rest assured knowing you’re stocked up on your outside plant essentials!

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