Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Life of an Order

Orders are taken very seriously here at Comstar Supply.  From the moment you talk to your outside sales, call into the office, or place an order via our website, we give strive for nothing less than perfection.

If you live in the north eastern part of the United States, there’s a good chance that you have an outside sales rep covering your area.   We have an outside sales rep covering the Maryland and Virginia area as well Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  Recently we expanded our outside sales rep coverage to New York and New England.   Our outside sales force is very hands on and knowledgeable about our product line and the equipment we sell.  They are available for demonstrations and instruction if needed.  They are a tremendous resource for our local customer base and are able to handle your orders personally.

Back at the office, Comstar has a strong and personable inside sales team.  These are the people answering your questions over the phone, the faces you’ll meet if you stop in the office.   The inside sales team is knowledgeable and proactive in handling every order that crosses their desk.  Website orders are handled by the inside sale teams as well. The inside sales team works with the outside sales reps as well as the warehouse and manufacturers to make sure that your order is completed properly.

Once your order is established and if the item is in stock, it’s passed off to the warehouse.  Comstar’s warehouse is staffed by a group of hardworking and dedicated workers who strive for one hundred percent accuracy.  Most orders are filled and shipped same day.  The warehouse personnel handles all custom cuts and parallels for innerduct  and fiber orders.   They also arrange for all deliveries ranging from orders sent on the fleet of Comstar trucks to those shipped LTL and via UPS.  Comstar delivers locally to customers in the greater Philadelphia area. 

Sometimes the item you order is not available at our facility.  Fortunately, we work with a great group of manufacturers, many who happily drop ship product directly from their facilities to your location. These orders are always processed quickly so that there is no hold up in your order.

The billing end of your order is handled by our accounting department.  They strive to have a seamless paperwork process that insures that your order is billed in a timely and effective manner.  

Ultimately, everyone here at Comstar is dedicated to making sure we offer the highest level of customer service.  We strive for perfection and when there is a problem, we work tirelessly to make things right for you. We value the relationships that we have established with our customers over the year and love developing new relationships with our new customers.  

So give us a call – let us help you out with your next outside plant project!

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