Monday, August 29, 2011

Surviving the Storm

How did you fair through the wrath of Hurricane Irene?  Leading up to the storm, many of our local east coast customers placed orders to help them prepare for whatever damage would occur in the hurricane.  Late last week, our warehouse was shipping out strand and aerial hardware like crazy!

Comstar weathered the storm just fine.  Our office and warehouse is located in an industrial park at the top of a hill.  Businesses just down the road though suffered some serious flooding. The Perkiomen Creek flows through Collegeville and after the hurricane, it became a raging river!   The bridges crossing the creek were closed for most of the day on Sunday but fortunately were opened again by Monday morning so we have no disruption in shipping or receiving product.
Comstar remains committed through the cleanup process to be here for whatever you might need.  We have a solid stock on aerial strand as well aerial hardware.  Our shelves are stocked with splice cases and our yard is filled with HDPE, PVC, fiber optic cable and handholes.  Let us know what you need and we’ll work to turn around your order as soon as possible!

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