Monday, January 29, 2018

What Makes a PON Power Meter

A fiber optic power meter can be configured to receive the wavelengths used in a PON network, but testing those wavelengths indidivually from either direction poses its share of problems in a dense access network. The efficiency of the technician in this environment is paramount, and I would like to tell you about a power meter that corners the market for PON applications.

Years ago EXFO released its first PON power meter, the PPM-350 which was more than just a PON wavelength calibrated instrument. The PPM-350 series featured an exclusive, patented pass-through desgin that allows for concurrent upstream/downstream measurement.

The pass-through design allows for a single test anywhere in the optical distribution network, and it displays all signals simultaneously. You can add an option for downstream RF video at 1550nm if the network requires it.

An additional benefit of the pass-through design is that the customer's link under test will remain up while the tests are performed. Depending on which wavelength is experiencing difficulty, they would maintain use of service to some capacity instead of being entirely removed from the network.

Combine the efficiency of performing a single test with the pass-through capability with the advanced reporting of the PPM-350 series, and you truly realize the time-saving potential of this device. The original PPM-350 features a job editor that allows you to pre-configure upcoming jobs in the instrument's memory. Once on site, simply select the appropriate job ID, ONT number and location for super fast data collection. Reports are quickly generated from the device or software on a PC.

As time and technology march on, new PON technologies already being deployed run at different wavelengths than B/E/GPON. If you're considering implementing a next generation PON, NG-PON2 has some distinct advantages for layering on an existing PON standard. While there are so many elements to consider depending on the next-gen technology you select, there is a power meter already able to meet those needs.

The new PPM-350D power meter from EXFO combines all of the features from the previous 350C series, plus it offers the world's first PON-aware™ enabled power meter. That means the PPM-350D automatically detects which PON is in use on the link and returns the reading based on automatically adjusted pass/fail thresholds. So whether testing 1Gbps or 10Gbps service, this device can eliminate costly guesswork and time that would be wasted calibrating the instrument.

The good news is, no matter what technology comes next, the current infrastructure designs will be used. The test methods have a familiar, efficient face with EXFO as they continue to stay ahead of the power meter pack.

You can find information on the PPM-350D power meters in the Fiber Loss Testing Section of our website, and you can contact our sales team with any questions.

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