Thursday, January 24, 2019

Comstar Adds to it's Product Portfolio

Comstar is constantly driving to provide our customers with a diverse portfolio of solutions that help meet their OSP and equipment needs. Recently, we’ve added the following suppliers.
Makita Tools: While it may be long overdue for Comstar to support a line of utility grade power tools, we know that we chose the best in the field. New brushless technology combined with the powerful LXT battery systems truly live up to the challenges of underground and aerial outside plant construction. You’ll find only the best utility grade tools with the best value at Comstar Supply.
Great Lakes Case and Cabinet: With the ever-expanding portfolio of pioneering fiber connectivity suppliers, it would only make sense that we select one of the best cabinet manufacturers to mount them in. Great Lakes offers tremendous experience and a wide breadth of products for data centers, colocation, central office and enterprise enclosures.
Madison Electric: Also known as ME Products, Madison Electric offers pipe clamps/straps, conduit and cable fittings, electrical boxes, service entrance hardware and more.
Anamet Electrical: Supplier of the Anaconda Sealtite, a leader in flexible conduit systems. Few suppliers of flexible conduits can match the multitude of applications that Anamet designs for. Choose Anamet to seal power delivery to your node, small cell, active E or other remote network elements.
Peavey Manufacturing: Supplier of utility grade post hole diggers and shovels with 10FT or longer handles. Linemen for years trust Peavey for their tools.
TiniFiber: Tinifiber is an armored micro fiber that is unique to our industry and long overdue. They offer premise and OSP versions in stranded 250um and ribbon up to 144CT. They also supply reduced diameter hybrid power and fiber cables.
General Cable: With Prysmian’s purchase of General Cable, Comstar is now proud to welcome General to our portfolio. Some of the greatest names in the industrial revolution played a role in General Cable’s heritage including George Westinghouse and Samuel Morse. A legacy of copper, fiber and other cables are provided by General.

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