Tuesday, August 13, 2019

August 2019 Product Updates

There are three products we’re highlighting in our most recent email newsletter. 

EXFO Optical Xplorer

The world’s first Optical Multimeter is here, and it’s going to solve many of today’s problems with network deployment.

Putting greater visibility in the hands of techs on the front lines without breaking the bank is the goal of the Xplorer. Not only is it a device that can troubleshoot recently deployed networks and give a “go-no-go” diagnosis, it also serves as an excellent tool for qualifying reels of fiber in your inventory. The Optical Xplorer is not an OTDR, yet it is so much more than a power meter.

EasySplicer MK2

The EasySplicer MK2 offers the most robust and affordable solution for your service drop technicians in the field. Its compact size will easily fit in tool bags and backpacks with all the essential tools for fiber installation. Pair the EasySplicer MK2 with the new OX-1 Optical Multimeter from EXFO for a complete, simple splice and test solution for under $6000. Empower your technicians to do the work you always wanted them to do, at the price you always wanted to pay.

Commscope OFDC

Densification and building fiber rich networks to enhance mobility is placing high demand on connectivity at the edge of the network. The OFDC enclosure from Commscope addresses some key issues with adding multiple devices at the edge.

Discreet egress ports for drop fibers are sealed using Commscope’s patented gel seal technology, allowing technicians to easily install and test new connections to the network without disturbing the main distribution cable.

And instead of landing a heavy NEMA rated aluminum or steel enclosure on a pole, the OFDC can provide fast deployments with a fraction of the cost. Standard connector types are utilized inside the enclosure, making it easy to obtain drop cables at any custom lengths in short order.

To learn more or see a sample of any product in the Comstar Supply portfolio, please contact your Comstar Sales Representative today.

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