Monday, October 19, 2020

Combat Heat Stress with Sword Performance

Heat stress is a silent killer prevalent in many settings and can take its toll on workers in the blink of an eye.

The key is to remember that there are easy ways to combat heat stress and to ensure workers safety from the inside out.  We are taught to wear hard hats for head protection, steel toe shoes for foot protection, and safety glasses for eye protection, but what about our internal systems?  Workers can combat heat stress before their shift ever begins by following a few easy steps.

What is Heat Stress or Heat Fatigue?

Heat stress is a form of thermic/thermal stress that occurs when a person is exposed to high temperatures, usually from environmental sources. Common causes include hot weather, high humidity, living or working in proximity to heat sources, strenuous physical activities performed in a hot environment, whether indoors or outdoors. Symptoms of heat stress include profuse sweating, thirst as a first sign of dehydration followed by difficulty focusing or performing various tasks, fatigue, muscle cramps, overheating sensation, increased heart rate and ultimately loss of consciousness/fainting.

Mental fatigue can be a result of heat stress and can lead to workers becoming complacent or disoriented.  Workers who are mentally fatigued have a hard time focusing on tasks which could lead to accidents and injuries in the workplace. 

Finding a solution that is right for the employees should be started by writing a solid heat stress plan.  Understanding the working conditions, ambient temperatures, and stress on the body are all factors that should be explored.  Also, providing the workforce with a product that protects from the inside out can help tremendously. 

We have found that many products offered in the industrial market currently are loaded with artificial chemicals and sugar that the body has a hard time filtering.  This can complicate the issues with heat stress rather than offering a solution.

Sword Performance has come into the industrial market with a new and innovative product.  Sword has zero artificial sweeteners and is all natural which allow the workers a healthy solution for hydration.  Companies can feel confident when they offer this type of product that their worker will be well protected.

For more information about Sword Performance, please contact your OSR or email Joe Rooney, National Account Manager – Sword Performance for Comstar at [email protected]. 

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