Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Configurable Products, only from Comstar Supply

One of our goals at  ComstarSupply.com is to make finding the right products for your construction project easier than it ever has been before. Traditionally, you would have to either look through a long spreadsheet of part numbers, or had to follow a confusing "Part Number Builder" and hope that you were ordering the right product.

To solve this, we have created the "Comstar Configurator", which allows you to order a product in the same way you might build your next home computer. You only need to find the basic product-- a Duct Rodder for example-- and from there you can choose from a dropdown menu the cut length and color. Only available and relevant options will be viewable, so gone are the days of long and confusing lists.

Currently the following products have have the Comstar Configurator available:
Is there something you wish was easier to order? Let us know!

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