Friday, February 6, 2015

The All-New Fujikura 21S Fusion Splicer

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Comstar Supply is offering AFL's latest fusion splicer, the powerful Fujikura 21S.

The 21S falls between fixed v-groove models (12S/19S) and the sophisticated core alignment model 70S. We want to focus on one major benefit of this new model that is really exciting; and a feature that field technicians frustrated by cladding misalignment alarms on other fusion splicing machines.

Active Cladding Alignment Capability

The Fujikura 21S key feature is its active cladding alignment capability, making it very tolerant to contamination. The 21S is equipped with movable X/Y v-grooves, eliminating splicing errors caused by dust and other contaminates.
This means technicians can spend less time worrying about the cleanliness of the v-groove, and still allow for FTTX contractors to get a high accuracy alignment without the need for a high end core alignment machine.

High end features at a mid-range price

Even beyond the active cladding alignment capability, The Fujikura 21S incorporates features typically found only in more expensive models.

This includes:
  • Removable sheath clamps allowing the use of fiber holders if desired. 
  • A large 4.7" monitor providing a crystal clear image, even in the brightest sunlight
  • An electrode life that has been extended to 3,000 splices
  • Comes with a dust, moisture and dust resistant rugged chassis for splicing in the most challenging environments
  • Its surprisingly small, and comes in a innovative transit case
  • Two camera observation system
  • Software updates via the internet
  • Long Battery Life: 200 splices/shrinks per charge


Ordering Information

We're really excited to have this amazing fiber optic fusion splicer available to order online. The Fujikura 21S is available in a couple of configurations, depending on which accessories you need.  Below we have links to order the various configurations of the 21S, or you can browse all of our fusion splicers.


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