Monday, November 7, 2016

Fast Facts on Fiber Distribution for FTTx

FDH 4000 (front, open)
No space, no permit is no problem with Commscope’s Sealed Fiber Distribution Hub FDH 4000.
The sealed fiber distribution hub (FDH) 4000 is designed for superior performance in any environment. Its small, compact size minimizes visual impact for discrete applications. Leveraging Commscope’s proven hardened fiber optic closure technology, the sealed FDH offers a robust, technician-friendly and cost-effective solution for connecting feeder and distribution cables in the FTTx network.
Specific benefits include:
  • Ideal for low profile / discreet deployments
  • Leverages proven sealing technology of TE’s FOSC
  • Plug-and-play design for fast service turn ups
  • 144 distribution ports / 9 splitter slots / point-to-point configurable
  • Re-enterable
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