Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Last Fiber Frontier

The demand for increased bandwidth is driving fiber-based last mile connectivity to every business. It’s also having a trickle-down effect to consumers as the Internet of Things (IoT), video streaming services, online gaming, and other applications are moving network capacity to unprecedented speeds to the home.

Certainly, we’re all familiar with metro fiber builds between cities, within a city, or other special project builds such as connecting schools or multiple government offices. These network construction projects continue in earnest today. However, building fiber to the home is quickly gaining momentum as the last frontier for bandwidth. Specifically, initiatives such as Google Fiber and other high-bandwidth residential Internet start-ups are spurring new network growth.

In fact, according to a March 2016 article titled, “Fiber to the Home: Getting Beyond 10 Gb/s” from Optics & Photonics News:
 “…worldwide FTTx deployment passed 100 million connections in 2014, and rapid growth continues today. In the United States, FTTH implementation has lagged relative to Asia; nonetheless, more than 100 cities are now connected with gigabit-capable broadband networks through Google Fiber and competing initiatives, mostly with FTTH technologies.”
A myriad of products exists today for deployment of FTTH in both aerial and underground construction methods. Comstar Supply’s wide product range includes everything from Passive Optical Network (PON) connectivity to the attachment hardware. In the rapidly changing FTTx environment, it’s imperative to pay attention to innovations in the market— especially if you’re new to FTTH deployment. Visit to learn more about products we stock and support.

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