Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bandwidth Growth Driving Network Deployments

Consumer and business customer demand for high speed bandwidth has never been greater. From federally-funded projects to small cell buildouts, telecom network infrastructure improvements have become an arm’s race for technology organizations.

In addition, key telcos and other providers recently announced ambitious network expansion plans. According to a recent article from Fierce Telecom, AT&T and CenturyLink have set some ambitious targets for their FTTH deployments.

“During the second quarter, AT&T had only 2.2 million homes passed with fiber, a figure the telco expects to ramp to 2.6 million by the end of 2016. AT&T will need to build fiber to an additional 9.9 million homes by 2019, illustrating an acceleration in its overall network investment.”

“CenturyLink expects to reach 11 million premises at 40 Mbps or higher, including 2 million GPON-enabled addressable households and businesses, by year-end 2017. Looking toward 2019, CenturyLink forecasts that 11 million of its addressable broadband-enabled units will be able to access 100 Mbps or higher speeds.”

With this demand, carriers will not only need to have adequate access to outside plant materials and equipment. Comstar Supply has built an extensive OSP inventory from industry-leading suppliers to help carriers and contractors deliver high-speed broadband and power networks.

Fiber Splice Trailer at Comstar City

For instance, Comstar not only can supply a splice truck, but help customers fully equip it with the necessary tools and equipment for less than other distributors. From a fiber splicing tool kit, to splicer, test sets, cleaning supplies and other essentials, we have you covered. To start equipping your teams, visit the Fiber Splice Trailer at Comstar City.

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