Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Resolutions for the New Year

It's that time of year again. The new year offers a chance to examine habits and make any changes that could increase productivity, improve relationships or generally make our lives better in 2017. This is not only true for our personal lives, but our business lives and careers as well.
  1. Scrutinize Your Strategic Distribution Partnerships
    Managing strategic partnerships is complex given each department within your organization has different goals, objectives, and a myriad suppliers and partners. Specific to infrastructure construction and the role of a distributor, selecting the right partner is critical to the support of your business.

    Having the right distribution partner and working with them to play a more critical role in the planning and delivery of outside plant materials can be a true differentiator for your company. If you are not getting these results today, it might be time to look elsewhere.
  2. Start Planning for Your Next Procurement Now
    It’s important to recognize the strategic role distributors can play. The relationship between distributor/customer should be equally beneficial, with mutual sharing of information. These types of conversations enable continuous value exchange and are often the most critical step of engagement.

    Whether it’s allocating fiber connectivity during turbulent production times or stocking critical hardware that can be drop-shipped on a moment’s notice, strategic conversations between a business and a distributor ensure adequate stock and timely delivery of outside plant materials.
  3. Communicate More, Not Less
    The relationship between distributor and customer should include sharing from each respective field of expertise. What drives consumer demand versus the mitigating factors in fiber production are often two very different conversations. Compelling business factors from both the distributor and customer should be communicated appropriately for crucial support of each other’s respective business goals.
The best and easiest resolutions are kept when you have help from others. Comstar Supply is here to help you keep your resolutions by providing the critical conversations you need to build your business for success in 2017.

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