Monday, January 16, 2017

Standing Out in the Crowd

2016 was another turbulent year within the telecommunications industry. Increasingly fierce competition, strategic mergers and acquisitions, and continued investment in broadband infrastructure from traditional wireline and wireless carriers alike, contributed to the growth of this sector.

How a company differentiates itself—while strengthening revenue and margins—remains a constant challenge. A growing trend is to deliver a more personalized, consistent customer experience to meet the ever-demanding consumer needs. This means having a strategy in place that’s easy, effective, and repeatable for the consumer. With 89% of consumers willing to switch providers as a result of a poor experience, according to Forrester Research, providing this kind of value is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity.

Exacerbating this issue is that broadband speeds have now become simply a commodity. It’s not enough for carriers to simply sell the value-add of more megabits and greater speeds. Most carriers can match each other bit for bit, network for network, and fiber for fiber.
At Comstar Supply, we are putting this idea of customer care to work for our customers. We play a strategic role in our customer’s business by emphasizing communication, which enables an information exchange on new products, trends, industry news and other important information impacting customers. We emphasize response times and project support—working together with customers to ensure on-time delivery and order accuracy. And we’ve made recent investments into both systems and personnel to help manage and deliver on our promise of 100% customer satisfaction.

Who would you rather work with? A company that’s been doing business the same old way for decades? Or a company that thinks about your distribution and logistics in a whole new way? Put Comstar Supply to work for you today. Contact us today to learn more.

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