Thursday, October 8, 2009

Comstar is Crazy About Comfits

There has been a great deal of buzz lately over the Comfit Coupler.  Relatively new players on the HDPE coupler scene, Comfit couplers are an affordable, easy way to join smooth wall HDPE.

Comfit couplers are designed to be used for both pulling and blowing applications.  Their push fit method of installation makes them simple to assemble and easy to use when in the field.   These couplers do not require any additional special tools for installation! 

The Comfit is leak tested to 230 psi and comes in sizes for duct  1 inch through 2 inch.   The couplers are also resistant to corrosion and most chemicals.

The biggest news about these couplers, however, is that Condux International is now the exclusive supplier of Comfit in North America.   As such, Comstar Supply can now offer our customers more competitive pricing on these couplers thanks to our relationship with Condux!

So next time you need couplers, give Comfit a try! They easily push onto the end of any smooth wall HDPE and are available for quick shipment!

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