Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hot Products! Triple D Horizontal Directional Drill Line

Our customers love the Triple D line of Horizontal Directional Drill products.   Manufactured in New Jersey, Triple D specially engineers their tools to be the best quality and most cost effective options on the market.

Triple D offers a complete HDD line including reamers, bits, swivels, crossovers, lead rods and sonde housings for Vermeer and  Ditch Witch directional drills.

The backreamers are machined from solid alloy steel.  Some reamers, such as the Solid Body Fluted Reamer includes a built in option for 15K, 25K, or 50K HDD Swivel or drawback bar.    This reamer is available with either shark or rotary teeth and comes as large as 14 inches in diameter.    Triple D also manufacturers  Stacked Plate Reamers,  Clay Reamers, Wing Reamers,  and Tapered Barrel Backreamers.  Replacement conical and shark style teeth are also available for purchase.

Triple D also manufacturers lead rods for both Vermeer and Ditch Witch drills.  The Vermeer rods are built with heat treated 4340 Nickel Steel which gives a significantly stronger lead rod for use under HDD projects.    The Ditch Witch style lead rods are built with heat treated 4140 chrome-moly steel for strength and durability.  The crossovers are manufactured from chrome-moly steel and have 152,000 PSI tensile strength.  Crossovers are available in a variety of sizes for both Vermeer and Ditch Witch.

Some of the hottest Triple D products that we have been selling are the paddle bits.  These bits are manufactured from domestically produced Ballistic Armor Plate.  Triple D does not use low cost castings or inexpensive high carbon steels.  Many of these paddle bits also feature a Tungsten Carbide Embedding Hardface process that results in two to eight times better wear than typical hardfacing alloys.

Triple D manufacturers several type s of paddle bits including the chisel bit, the tapered bit, the radius button bit, the button taper bit, angled ripper bit, button chisel bit, and angled conical claw bit.    Each of these bits are designed to meet the needs of many different soil conditions.  These bits are available for both Ditch Witch and Vermeer rods in a variety of sizes. 

To complete the job, Triple D also offers a  line of tools including steel tampers, soil probes, swivels and more.

Our customers love the craftsmanship that is evident in all of Triple D’s products.  The Triple D product line is a better quality product at a more reasonable price making it a perfect match for contractors who are looking to get the job done and stay on budget!

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