Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Comstar Supply Comes Down With a Case of Phightin Phils Phever

It is happening again. Comstar Supply employees have come down with a case of the phever!

As Philadelphia faithful, we are passionate and support all of our city’s sports, but right now we are breathing baseball! Over the past week, morning conversation has been a recap of the previous night’s game.  Lunch time debates center around pitching match ups and bad referee calls.  We have the phever!

Almost everyone in the Comstar family is HUGE Philadelphia Phillies phans but we all approach our fanhood a little differently.

Chad, our President, is the biggest phan of all.  A season ticket holder, he values the game!  A Brad Lidge print hangs in his office, he proudly wears his team polo shirt around the office and he is the first to jump on the post game discussions.

Ralph, our Warehouse Manager/Inside Sales, also proudly wears his  Philadelphia Phillies polo to work on game days.   He highlights the Phil’s accomplishments by saving and displaying special inserts from the Daily News.

Mike, who handles our accounting and office, shows is Phillies pride by displaying a framed photograph he took last year at the World Series parade in Philadelphia and a framed copy of the Daily News cover from the World Series Championship in 2008.

The guys in the warehouse also get in on the spirit!  In addition to coming to work in their favorite Phillies’s tee, they also have an ever changing shrine to Philadelphia sports highlights hanging in the warehouse.

I pride myself on being just as much of a phan as the men here at Comstar by showing off my team pride by decking out a corner of my office with a team flag, rally towel, stuffed Phanatic and team calendar!

The Phillies are now off to Los Angeles to take on the Dodgers for a re-match of last year’s National League Championship series.  All of Comstar will be watching and hoping for a repeat of last year's series and a trip to the World Series.

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