Thursday, October 6, 2016

Comstar Goes Hunting

Searching for Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross. Serenading complete strangers down on bended knee. Answering fun facts about the city of Philadelphia and company-related trivia.

These were just a few of the many tasks Comstar Supply employees were completing in a fun-filled scavenger hunt in the heart of Philadelphia earlier this week. Divided into 6 cross-functional teams, more than 30 employees descended upon Independence Hall as a starting point for this team building event organized by cityHUNT.

Teams dressed up in themes and were armed with a smartphone app that detailed challenges, asked trivia and kept a live leaderboard.
The winners of the scavenger hunt, team "MiB".

“It was a great team building event that in addition to being a ton of fun, also spurred inter-departmental collaboration,” said Dan Clifton, SVP Marketing for Comstar. “It was also one of my first events here as an employee here, so I learned how competitive our group is. It really says a lot about the company as we work as hard as we play.”

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