Monday, October 10, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Outsource Inventory Management and Logistics to Comstar Supply

1. Experience and Expertise – For many carriers, inventory management and logistics are not core competencies. In fact, in many cases, it’s not only a cost component to their business from a time, personnel and facilities standpoint, but it also takes away the focus of the business. Comstar Supply has more than 20 years of experience in the delivery of telecommunications supply chain management. Taking advantage of our expertise can influence your bottom line while impacting your ability to serve your customers.

2. Decreased Capital Expenditures - Acquiring real estate, systems, and infrastructure for inventory management requires a large capital investment. Instead of tying up cash flows, telecom carriers should outsource this function. At Comstar Supply, we have warehouse facilities in Philadelphia and Raleigh, that can help eliminate some of these costs, which allows for expansion by not spending upfront capital.

3. Consolidate Logistics - At Comstar Supply, we can manage our customers’ entire inventory, warehousing, and transportation needs. This allows our customers to consolidate shipping multiple orders to separate locations with one company. This provides decreased costs throughout the business while eliminating sporadic shipping.

4. Scalability of Your Business – The telecommunications industry is in constant flux and reacting to market changes, new market expansion, and other large projects, is a game changer. As a result of these actions, your inventory levels, warehousing, and transportation needs, will also change accordingly. Comstar Supply allows its customers to easily scale inventory management and distribution efforts – taking the guesswork out of managing your business. We assist our customer and help them grow their business by mitigating these types of costs and providing efficient inventory management of their products.

5. Leverage Vendor Relationships – Customers can take advantage of Comstar Supply’s 20+ years of nurturing strong business relationships with industry-leading suppliers. This ensures we have access to information on new products and services, as well as on-site training and updates on technology impacting the industry. We continually update our knowledge base and train our employees on new game-changing technology to foster innovation at every level of our business. We extend that learning to customers and prospects through dedicated staff and resources, which guarantee reliable support.

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