Monday, October 3, 2016

Efficent Outsourcing as a Competitive Advantage

Telecommunications carriers have been outsourcing non-critical functions within their business for years. Call center services, NOC after-hours functions, and even billing are typical activities residing outside of core competencies they outsource. A growing trend for carriers and network construction and utility companies, is to rely on third party vendors for logistics activities, such as transportation, warehousing, distribution, and inventory management.

While cutting costs is still a main driver for many companies, the reasons telecommunications suppliers outsource extend beyond the balance sheet benefit. The issue can be attributed not only to the degree of complexity and velocity of the company’s supply chain, but the expectations and demand of its end-user customers as well.  Other reasons why companies choose to outsource logistics include, but are not limited to:
  • Enhanced flexibility to grow based on changing business requirements
  • Capital investment in facilities and equipment
  • Increased focus on its own core competencies
  • Decrease management of materials by multiple contractors
  • Access to capabilities, time and personnel to manage logistics not available internally
  • Consolidation of existing facilities
At Comstar Supply, we can help our customers reduce costs, decrease the burden of warehousing, and allow for greater control of OSP materials and pathway products.
These benefits are especially critical as our customers grow and expand their network infrastructure, embark on large projects, or seek to manage critical resources more effectively and efficiently. We can build a solution that easily replicates itself across multiple locations or even state lines – streamlining processes while providing inventory management and logistics as a competitive advantage for our customers.

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