Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Comstar Supply Adds Sword Performance to Product Portfolio

Comstar Supply is now an exclusive distributor of the Sword Performance hydration system of products. Developed by scientists, this new approach as Drinkable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), is a 100% natural, healthy hydration alternative that will increase production and performance during high heat and high stress work environments. 

Maintaining the right fluid and electrolyte balance means that your body works better. It can better regulate its temperature and can better supply fuel and oxygen to your muscles and brain. What this means for you and your team in the field is that heat stress becomes a reduced concern, muscles work longer and more consistently without cramping, recovery is faster, thinking remains clear. The job gets done more quickly and safely. 
Relentlessly focusing on proper body fluid movement, SWORD® and SHIELD® taste delicious and are formulated from natural, healthy ingredients that your body knows how to process. No matter the task or environment you encounter, SWORD will keep you sharp and SHIELD always has you covered. 

For extreme heat, stress, and physical environments. 

SWORD is a revolutionary carbohydrate-electrolyte drink formulated to help maintain hydration and improve productivity, even in the most challenging conditions. SWORD supplies a steady supply of sodium electrolytes and carbohydrate fuel with ultra-smooth digestion and absorption. SWORD is clean, easy to drink, certified gluten-free, and contains only 6 natural ingredients - no artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners. 

SWORD’s all-natural, real-fruit flavors (Berry, Pineapple Mango, Orange, and Lemonade) are available in: 
·         20 fl oz Ready-to-Drink Bottles 
·         16.9 fl oz Powder Singles 
·         2.2 Gallon Powder Pouches 

For every day, light physical, low to mid-stress environments.

SHIELD is a low-calorie, low-sodium electrolyte drink with a purpose: to provide a great tasting, healthy option to quench thirst and stay hydrated without highly processed sugars or artificial ingredients. SHIELD helps your workforce prevent dehydration, improve mental clarity, and maintain productivity. 
SHIELD’s all-natural, real-fruit flavors (Berry, Pineapple Mango, Orange, and Lemonade) are available in: 
·         12 fl oz Ready-to-Drink Bottles 
·         fl oz Freezer Pops 
·         16.9 fl oz Powder Singles 
·         .55 lb Gallon Powder Pouches 

Contact your Comstar Supply representative for more information and protect your workforce with healthy hydration. 

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