Thursday, May 28, 2020


William Frick

Frick is a manufacturer of specialty labeling and marking products. They pride themselves on engineering, designing, and manufacturing custom, high-quality solutions for each and every customer. Since 1975, Frick has established itself as a reliable, innovative, and trusted part of its customers’ and suppliers’ businesses.

The company is manufacturing a number of safety products that range from utility and telecom markers to custom signage and other security markers. We are highlighting two such products this month.

Antimicrobial Film
Frick's now sells products including Antimicrobial Film that kills up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria, Anti-Slip Floor Labels to help promote social distancing, CDC Signs and Labels to inform the community of ways to prevent and identify COVID-19 symptoms.
Antimicrobial Film can be applied on both indoor and outdoor surfaces such as door handles, trash cans, handrails, elevator buttons, grocery cart handles, and many more surfaces.
The silver embedded within the film activates with heat, light, pressure and sale from fingertips. Once activated, the silver releases ions that attach to and starve the microbes which prevents replication and keeps the surface clean.

COVID Signs and labels
William Frick also has multiple signs and labels clearly marking COVID-19 guidelines and ensure CDC procedures are followed. The standard size is 18” x 10.125” available in permanent or adhesive sign constructions.

To learn more or see a sample of any product in the Comstar Supply portfolio, please contact your Comstar Sales Representative today or call us at 866-326-6782.

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