Thursday, May 28, 2020


Like most of you, during the past 9 weeks while social distancing to combat COVID-19, I now stand back (from 6 ft or more) and marvel at how the entire telecommunications industry was able to quickly and seamlessly adapt to a rapidly changing work environment.

As many of you have seen from my messages over the last couple of months, here at Comstar Supply our first priority is the protection and health of our employees and customers. During this time, we created a dedicated COVID-19 team that meets nearly daily as we continue to implement new precautions into our work life. Hopefully, by the time you read this, we’ll have some of the limitations lifted by local government and pivot to allowing more employees back into the office with strict guidelines so that all of us remain safe and healthy.

While it’s still too early to tell if all of these safety measures become the norm, I know for us here at Comstar Supply, we're making permanent changes in how we build our operations. My team is now more focused than ever on modeling customer demand, production, supply chain and logistics, to better serve our customers. We are fully committed to information sharing and keeping vendors, partners and customers updated on market trends and conditions. And we’ve increased our stock levels and feel no other distribution partner can match our one-day delivery of essential outside plant material.

As our industry begins to ramp up build projects, Comstar Supply is there for our customers at a moment’s notice. We understand you are looking for increased support in this time of change and uncertainty. Our goal is to provide that by providing a customer experience unlike any other, focusing on the tenants of product fulfillment, on-time logistics, 100% order accuracy, and a laser-focused approach to information sharing and service.

With that, this quarter’s theme for our digital newsletter is safety and personal protection equipment (PPE). We’ve certainly experienced an increase in demand for products like signage, masks, sanitizer, and wearable PPE, and so we’re highlighting a few of those products in this newsletter. You can also read more about our exclusive partnership with Sword Performance, which is a specially-formulated, drinkable PPE for workers with high stress or high heat jobs.

A lot of exciting news continues to pour out of Comstar Supply. However, we miss the face-to-face engagement with you, our customers. We miss the personal interaction. We miss the laughs and good times. We miss the bad golf shots and long for the good ones. It is my sincere hope that some time this summer there is a return to a sense of normalcy that will allow for us to spend valuable time together.

Until then, stay connected with us. Reach out to your sales manager, or inside sales rep, or even myself, with comments, questions, concerns – or even just to say hi. It’s these personal connections that will carry us through the difficult times.

Thank you for your continued business and trust.

Stay safe.


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